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Do You Use These Natural Health Principles in Your Child’s Healthcare?

August is National Breastfeeding Month! In celebration of this month’s theme, “Charting the course together,” we wanted to talk about natural health care measures you can take for your child, from babyhood throughout his or her life.

The Importance of Breastfeeding

The benefits associated with breastfeeding your baby cannot be understated. Breastmilk is custom made for you baby’s needs. It provides valuable antibodies for your child, it allows you to bond with your baby, and it can lower your baby’s risk of SIDs. Additionally, breastfeeding helps you heal from childbirth as your body releases oxytocin, assisting uterine contraction and closing post-delivery wounds.  

However, breastfeeding can be difficult. It’s time-consuming, pumping or feeding in public can be stigmatized, and women may suffer from pain during the process. That’s why, while it is important to feed your baby exclusively breast milk if possible, you may need to supplement his or her diet with formula – and that’s okay too!

No matter what you need to do as a mom, be sure you have a support system in place. You need medical support, friends and family who will cheer you on, support at work, and more. Many moms find breastfeeding help and advice from La Leche League. Additionally, you can find holistic support right here at Flow Natural Health Care.

Holistic Pediatric Health

While breastfeeding is an important part of developing your child’s natural health, there are many other factors moms and dads have to consider these days. Here are a few common pediatric health concerns many parents struggle with:


This is probably top of mind for almost every parent. Moms and dads around Portland have been asking us here at Flow Natural Health Care about their baby’s first vaccines (the Hep B shot) and beyond. For many parents, it seems like the standard vaccine schedule is overwhelming and may harm their child. For some parents, the concept of injecting vaccines into their child is something that makes them concerned for their youngster’s overall health. Many parents go with the logic that if they are breastfeeding, their child is gaining the mother’s immunities, so they wonder if they can skip vaccines altogether.

At Flow Natural Health Care, we understand your questions and concerns – and we are here to help. We don’t work with a one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule and can provide you with an alternative, personalized schedule along with any nutritional support your child needs to keep him or her safe and healthy.

Food Introduction

One of the questions we hear from many first-time parents is: “When should I introduce solid foods to my child?”

Sometimes parents want to know for practical purposes – their breast milk supply is running low or their child’s first tooth has come in. Others just want to be prepared as they navigate parenthood – and want to do what is best for their baby’s gut health.

No matter your motivation, first-time food introduction can feel tricky or even dangerous. No one wants to introduce food too early, but your baby may already be reaching for delicious foods that you are eating.

Here at Flow Natural Health Care, we work with parents to find the right food introduction plan for your baby’s specific digestive needs. Our goal is to provide your infant with a positive, healthy food introduction experience that cuts down on allergy risk and assists in digestive development.


About 10% of all babies in the U.S. suffer from eczema between 6 months to five years. This itchy skin inflammation is uncomfortable and can cause your child to rub his or her skin raw. While the cause of eczema hasn’t been fully nailed down, there are many great, natural solutions.

At Flow Natural Health Care, we can test your child to find out if he or she is suffering from immune system issues, has overly sensitive skin, or is having a flare-up due to an allergic reaction. Additionally, we can provide topical solutions to ease any uncomfortable symptoms. By rooting out the cause of your child’s eczema and treating the symptoms concurrently, we can help you and your baby or toddler manage his or her eczema.

Parents have plenty to worry about when it comes to their child’s health. Let us help you get and keep your child healthy and happy with our natural and holistic methods. Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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