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Sore Throat? Try a Carrot Poultice

Carrot-PoulticeA carrot poultice is a great way to soothe a sore throat and is easily prepared in your own kitchen.  Poultices are simply medicinal ingredients spread onto a cloth and applied to the body to help draw out toxins, soothe inflammation and help fight infections. Carrot poultices are particularly good for the throat and neck area to treat colds, and throat infections including strep throat, swollen lymph nodes and thyroiditis. They are simple, effective and a great addition to your at home medicine cabinet.

Carrot poultices have two main methods of working; they stimulate lymphatic movement and increase blood flow. Stimulating the lymphatic system filters the blood and more importantly, transports large numbers of immune cells to the area of application. Blood flow is increased as the body works to warm the poultice, bringing in more immune cells and removing cellular waste material that may be generated.

There are many ways to make an effective poultice and they are well tolerated by both children and adults. Here are the directions:

  • 1-2 carrots grated (hand grater or a food processor).
  • Place the grated carrots on a cloth or paper towel that is wet with cool water.
  • Fold the cloth or towel into thirds and tuck in the edges.
  • Place the compress over your neck while lying down.

The carrot poultice should be left on the neck until it has been warmed or for as long as it feels good. There is no limit to how often the poultices can be used. More frequent use may result in slight staining of the skin. If you have questions about carrot poultices or other sore throat remedies, please give us a call at 503-974-9283.

-By Dr. Marsha Hamilton, ND