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Sports Medicine

Naturopathic Sports Medicine in Milwaukie, Oregon

At Flow Natural Health Care, we recommend that all of our patients live an active lifestyle. Regular exercise is an important part of living a healthy life. Exercise is a great way to improve your overall health, maintain a healthy weight and is something that most people enjoy. Whether your chosen activities include long-distance running, lifting weights, biking or a variety of other sports, it’s not uncommon to experience injuries, lingering pain and a general sense of fatigue.

Our Naturopaths can help you perform at your highest levels through optimizing a sports nutrition plan based on your needs and training intensity. The quality of ingredients you put into your body directly affects how it responds to exertion, including your ability to recover. We’ll introduce you to a variety of nutrition choices for optimizing your energy levels including meal plans and supplements.

If you’re experiencing lingering pain or injuries from athletic activities, our physicians use a variety of naturopathic techniques for Sports Medicine treatment. We’ll work to diagnose any conditions you might currently be experiencing, and then using a customized holistic approach, we’ll treat the underlying causes of your problems to help you heal.

For more information about our Naturopathic Sports Medicine planning and treatment, contact us today!