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Pregnancy & Fertility

Naturopathic Pregnancy & Fertility Treatment

Many couples these days are having a hard time getting pregnant. Couples who are experiencing difficulties with infertility or impotence go through a lot of emotional highs and lows, and the whole process can be extremely stressful and frustrating.

At Flow Natural Health Care in Milwaukie, Oregon, we take the naturopathic approach for the treatment of fertility and pregnancy issues. Instead of focusing solely on the reproductive organs, we will address all of your body systems. We believe that if both of the individuals in a couple are in excellent health, then the chances for successful conception will greatly increase. We combine natural treatments with modern diagnostic tools to accurately determine and treat the root causes of infertility.

Flow Natural Health Care provides attentive and nurturing care from the preconception phase all the way to when you give birth and beyond. With our natural approach to healing, we can improve the chances for successful conception and help guide couples through the difficult phases of pregnancy. We also educate our patients on the ways that they can regulate their diet and lifestyle and guide them towards the path to long-term, balanced health.

We treat all of our patients with the courtesy and respect that they deserve. With our non-invasive, holistic treatment options, we can help you have a healthy pregnancy and live a healthy lifestyle.

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