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Post Isometric Release Therapy (PIR)

Naturopathic Post Isometric Release Therapy

Post isometric release therapy is a muscle energy technique used to deal with soft tissue problems. It is often used in combination with chiropractic therapy, as it helps muscles relax and makes them easier for a chiropractor to manipulate and adjust. At Flow Natural Health Care, we provide outstanding naturopathic care in Milwaukie Oregon. We are skilled professionals when it comes to relieving muscle aches and pains and restoring full musculoskeletal function.

Like most muscle energy techniques, post isometric release therapy is used to restore range of motion in contracted muscles, balance muscle tension on both sides of the body, reduce pain in muscle and surrounding tissue and correct joint dysfunction. With PIR, the patient works closely with the physician. First, the physician stretches a specified muscle to its maximum length. Then, the patient is asked to lightly resist the muscle stretch for about 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds are up, the patient is told to relax the muscle. This period of relaxation, which only lasts about 20 to 25 seconds, allows the physician to carefully manipulate the muscle to increase its range of motion. After several repetitions, a physician can fully restore a contracted muscle’s original range of motion and length. PIR is a remarkably simple procedure considering the benefits it provides.