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Painful Menstruation

Naturopathic Painful Menstruation Treatment

Painful menstruation is a very common problem. Experiencing some mild pain during menstruation is normal, but experiencing excessive and severe pain is not. Dysmenorrhea is the leading cause of lost time at school and work in young women.

There are two kinds of painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea); primary and secondary. Primary dysmenorrhea is caused by the hormone prostaglandin becoming more active in otherwise healthy women. Secondary dysmenorrhea results from other problems in the pelvic organs.

Prostaglandins are the hormones which activate the muscle contractions that expel the uterus lining during menstruation. The muscle contractions can be quite painful. Women who have higher levels of prostaglandins typically experience more pain during menstruation.

We can perform the same diagnostics and screenings that conventional medicine employs. However, rather than using drugs and medications to treat the pain, we believe that achieving a hormonal balance will allow your body to heal itself effectively and naturally. Variations in the balance between progesterone and estrogen can have a huge effect on the menstrual cycle, including how much of the hormone-like prostaglandins are produced. By naturally balancing your hormones, you will experience a more regular period without severe aches and pains. We will also identify the origins of the imbalance, and work to correct it.