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Osseous Manipulations

Naturopathic Osseous Manipulations

Osseous tissue is what forms the rigid parts of the bones that make up our skeletal system. A chiropractic adjustment can also be referred to as an osseous adjustment. It involves the gentle manipulation of the spine and other areas of the body in order to relieve muscle tension and restore full range of motion. At Flow Natural Health Care, we have extensive knowledge of physical medicine. We are masters at manipulating osseous tissue to relieve muscle and joint pain or dysfunction. We provide the most thorough and gentle osseous manipulations in the Portland area.

When the muscles and connective tissue in the spine become misaligned and contracted, it can actually put pressure on the nerves. Tissue injuries can occur suddenly, such as from lifting a heavy object the wrong way. They can also occur over time with repeated stress on the tissue, such as frequently sitting with poor posture. These injuries can cause inflammation and chronic pain. Osseous manipulations are adjustments that are made by hand by a chiropractor or a naturopathic physician. Osseous manipulations can be extremely therapeutic, especially when used in collaboration with other soft tissue and joint healing techniques.