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Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

Naturopathic Muscle Energy Technique

Athletic injuries are very common in the United States. Athletes have to take extra special care of their bodies, and even a slight sprain or muscle strain can significantly interfere with their athletic abilities. At Flow Natural Health Care, our naturopathic physicians are highly skilled at healing ailing muscles using the muscle energy technique. We are proud to offer the best naturopathic care Portland has to offer.

Muscle energy technique (MET) is a form of manual therapy that is based on the philosophy of osteopathy. It was developed in the 1950’s and is designed primarily to heal injured muscles by gradually providing better range of motion. In MET, the patient will contract his/her muscle in a specified direction as the physician carefully pushes back with a measured counterforce. When the counterforce is no longer applied, there is greater range of motion for that particular muscle. MET is very useful in situations where a patient’s muscles are contracted or stiff, or where a particular muscle or muscle group needs to be strengthened. It can help significantly reduce discomfort from things like sore muscles, edema and lower back pain. It is a simple and easy procedure that has proven to be very effective.