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Irregular Menstruation

Naturopathic Irregular Menstruation Treatment

There are many reasons why women can experience irregular menstruation, such as over-exercise, substantial weight gain or loss, poor nutrition, smoking, drinking coffee just to name a few. Irregular menstruation can be painful and disconcerting, but it is usually quite easy to treat. At Flow Natural Health Care, we focus on finding and naturally treating the root causes of menstrual irregularities so that you can live your life without having to worry about an unpredictable menstrual cycle.

In the majority of cases regarding irregular menstrual cycles, the irregularity can be attributed to some form of hormonal imbalance. By educating our patients on how to maintain a proper, nutritional diet and by working to decrease or eliminate the level of stress and anxiety they experience on a day-to-day basis, we are able to naturally restore irregular menstrual cycles.

At Flow Natural Health Care, our diligent and friendly Naturopathic physicians have years of experience dealing with irregular menstruation.  Most of the women we treat find that their menstrual cycles return to normal when they make the switch to a healthy and nutritious diet and exercise in moderation. This often corrects any hormonal imbalances that can cause irregularities, and if the patient sticks to our treatment plan their hormones will be balanced and they won’t experience any more menstrual irregularities.Using a combination of natural and modern medical treatments, we can get you feeling right in no time!

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