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Insomnia is when a person cannot sleep. There are different types of insomnia with numerous triggers. Some people are able to fall asleep easily but then wake repeatedly throughout the night. Others may lay awake for hours before falling asleep, but once they are asleep they can stay asleep. Then there are those who suffer from both.Naturopathic Insomnia Treatment

Sleep medications are routinely prescribed with little thought towards understanding what may be interfering with one’s sleep. “Chemical sleep”, or sleeping with the help of medications does not address the underlying problem and can stop working over time, become addictive or generate further health complications. A few examples of what may be related to insomnia are emotions (anxiety, stress, etc.), hormones, blood sugars, over reactive bladder, prostate enlargement and medications.

Naturopathic Insomnia Treatment

Chronic insomnia is not only disruptive to one’s daily life but can lead to hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, menstrual irregularities, aggravation of menopausal symptoms, metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes) and many other conditions. Discovering why you cannot sleep or what is causing you to wake up through the night is important for your short and long term health.

Flow Natural Health Care can not only help find those obstacles to adequate sleep, but we provide Naturopathic, non-addictive and safe botanical remedies to help improve your sleep.