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Naturopathic Infertility Treatment

It is estimated that as many as 10 to 15 percent of couples in the United States experience difficulties when trying to get pregnant. Infertility is very difficult to diagnose because there are often no outward symptoms or obvious signs to look for. It is not uncommon for an “infertile” couple who have been trying to have a baby for years to get pregnant spontaneously at some point down the road. Despite the causes being mostly unknown, there are many infertility treatments that exist.

There are many possible causes for infertility in women. A menstrual cycle that is absent or irregular can be an indicator that there is a lack of ovulation. There are also a number of ovarian disorders that can result in infertility. High levels of anxiety and stress and a wildly fluctuating body weight can sometimes cause a hormonal imbalance, which can disrupt ovulation. Endometriosis can also result in infertility when the lining of the uterus is inflamed, or when the extra tissue growth blocks the fallopian tubes.

Whatever the case, at Flow Natural Health Care in Milwaukie, Oregon, we can help pinpoint the underlying causes of infertility and treat them naturally and effectively. We are always excited to be able to help couples achieve their dreams of getting pregnant!