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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Naturopathic Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Natural Hormone Therapy, Increased Testosterone BalanceThe human body is an incredibly sophisticated system of interconnected cells and organs. Hormones are responsible for regulating and controlling all of the intricate processes that go on in the human body. They are responsible for maintaining the fragile and complex balance that exists within our bodies. When certain hormones are not produced in large enough quantities, that balance is thrown off. This could also result from a hormone condition like PCOS. The parts of the body that those hormones are responsible for controlling will suffer because of the imbalance. At Flow Natural Health Care in Milwaukie, Oregon, we offer trusted and reliable bioidentical hormone therapy treatment for men and women that is designed to correct hormonal imbalances and get your body healthy again.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is useful for the treatment of a number of different disorders and ailments. For instance, one of the main factors for developing osteoporosis is a decrease in the production of sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone that happens naturally as we get older and as women go through menopause. Hormone replacement therapy is used to help prevent osteoporosis and to alleviate severe symptoms associated with menopause. Bioidentical hormone treatment can also be used to boost testosterone levels in men whose bodies are no longer able to produce enough testosterone.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is also very useful for correcting any imbalances in our hormone-producing organs. For example, if you have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) your thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormones. Hormone therapy can help to bolster the production of those hormones and bring your body back to its natural, healthy balance.

Couple with Natural Balanced HormonesAt Flow Natural Health Care, we are proficient at performing the highest quality bioidentical hormone treatments in the Southeast Portland metro area. We work extensively with our patients to develop an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan that will deliver maximum results.