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Naturopathic Diverticulosis Treatment

Diverticula are tiny pouches that form on the inner walls of the colon. They are thought to form when excess pressure in the colon pushes outward against weakened areas of the colon wall. Most people with diverticulosis don’t even realize that they have diverticula, and never do. There are often no symptoms associated with diverticulosis. When there are symptoms, however, it usually means that the diverticula have become irritated or inflamed. This is an entirely different condition called diverticulitis.

As stated above, diverticulosis refers to the formation of diverticula in the large intestine. This does not come with any obvious or noticeable symptoms. If the diverticula get infected (diverticulitis), then you may experience sudden and severe pain in the lower abdomen, a change in bowel habits, constipation, diarrhea, bloating and fever. Most people who have diverticulosis never develop diverticulitis. A diet that is rich in fiber will relieve pressure in the colon by quickly and efficiently expelling waste. A low-fiber diet makes for smaller, dryer stool and also makes the colon work harder to expel that stool. This added pressure can cause diverticula to form and become infected, so it is important to get plenty of fiber in your diet.

At Flow Natural Health Care, we will formulate a diet plan based on your own individual needs and preferences that will improve your digestive health and keep your diverticula from becoming inflamed.