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Naturopathic Diabetes TreatmentMore than 18 million Americans suffer from some form of diabetes. Diabetes is a group of diseases that affects how the body produces or uses insulin, an important hormone that converts sugars and starches into energy. With type 1 diabetes, the pancreas stops making insulin altogether. With type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease, the body can’t create enough insulin or properly use insulin. Gestational diabetes involves a temporary resistance to insulin that occurs about halfway through pregnancy. It typically disappears after pregnancy, but leaves the mother at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

Naturopathic Diabetes Treatment

When diabetes cripples your body’s ability to produce and use insulin, an excess of sugar builds up in the bloodstream. Over time, this excess sugar can cause very serious damage to your vital organs, such as your eyes, heart, kidneys, blood vessels and nervous system. There are also many health complications associated with diabetes, such as heart failure, blindness and kidney disease, just to name a few examples. If you experience numbness in your hands and/or feet, intense hunger, thirst, severe fatigue or frequent and reoccurring infections, these are the warning signs that you may have diabetes.

Treating and managing diabetes is just one of our many specialties at Flow Natural Health Care in Milwaukie, Oregon. Our skilled and experienced naturopathic doctors combine the natural healing arts with modern medical science to deliver the best possible care for our patients.  For more information, please contact us today.