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Crohn’s Disease

Naturopathic Crohn’s Disease Treatment

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes irritation of the digestive tract’s lining. The disease most commonly affects the last section of the small intestines (ileum) and the first section of the large intestines (colon); however, it can show up on any part of the digestive tract. The affected areas of the digestive tract become swollen and develop ulcers. These sores can be incredibly painful and debilitating, and if left untreated can lead to more severe complications.

The symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease can be mild to severe. They can come on suddenly, and they can also develop and get worse over time. Some people experience long periods of remission where there are no symptoms. When the disease is not in remission, the symptoms can include diarrhea, mild to severe stomach cramps and pains, bloody stool, fever, fatigue, and the appearance of small ulcers in the mouth. The precise cause of Crohn’s disease is not known, but it is thought to involve a complication with the immune system that makes it attack the lining of the digestive tract. Things such as poor diet and high levels of stress can amplify the symptoms the disease.

At Flow Natural Health Care, our team of naturopathic practitioners specializes in managing the many painful symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Our patients are always our first priority; we will help you cope with your disease and live a normal, active life.

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