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Chronic Yeast Infections

Naturopathic Chronic Yeast Infection Treatment

A majority of women will experience at least one yeast infection in their lifetimes. A smaller fraction of women suffer from frequent or recurrent infections, called chronic yeast infections. Chronic yeast infections are distressing and frustrating, and can seriously affect a woman’s life if left untreated.

Yeast infections occur when there is a buildup of the bacteria, Candida albicans. Normally, the amount of Candida albicans present in our bodies is controlled by good bacteria, called Lactobacillus acidophilus. There are many factors that can cause a bacterial imbalance in our bodies, such as taking antibiotics, pH abnormalities and hormone changes, just to name a few.  Antibiotics can kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria, which can throw off your natural bacterial balance. When this occurs, yeast is allowed to grow and thrive. Some common symptoms of a yeast infection are genital itching and burning, fatigue, abdominal pains, muscle aches, and headaches. There are natural remedies for yeast infections that can be much more effective at eliminating the infection than over-the-counter drugs, so it is a good idea to see a naturopathic physician for treatment.

At Flow Natural Health Care, our diligent and friendly Naturopathic physicians have years of experience dealing with yeast infections. We will work with you to determine the origin of your infection, and we will help you bolster your immune system with good nutrition and a healthy diet. We believe that if your immune system is functioning at its full potential, then it is able to stave off infections and is capable of restoring your internal bacterial imbalance back to normal levels. Using a combination of natural and modern medical treatments, we can get you feeling right in no time!

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