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Autoimmune Conditions

Naturopathic Autoimmune Condition Treatment

The human immune system is crucial for the protection of the body. It is a complex system of biological structures and processes that defends the body against disease. When functioning correctly, it can effectively distinguish harmful parasites, viruses and bacteria from your own healthy tissue. As many as 50 million Americans suffer, or have suffered, from an autoimmune condition at some point in their lives.

There are more than 80 different types of autoimmune disorders, which makes it very difficult to make an accurate diagnosis. When someone has an autoimmune disorder, their immune system is no longer able to differentiate between your own healthy tissue and intruding harmful organisms. Your immune system may attack your own healthy tissue and organs. Besides just destroying healthy body tissue, an autoimmune condition can also lead to irregular organ growth and organ function. When you have an autoimmune condition, the symptoms will often recede for short periods of time, only to flare up worse than before. With so many different variations of autoimmune disorders, there are a diverse number of symptoms. Most autoimmune disorders cause fatigue and general malaise, as well as a fever.

At Flow Natural Health Care, our team of proficient and courteous medical professionals can help you treat and cope with the symptoms associated with autoimmune conditions.