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Acute Infections

Naturopathic Acute Infection Treatment

At Flow Natural Health Care in Milwaukie, Oregon, we provide quality care to patients of all ages, including children. Children are more vulnerable to infections than adults because their immune systems are not fully developed and they have not acquired immunity for many infectious diseases. This is why we are experts when it comes to treating and preventing acute infections in children. In medical terms, acute refers to any disease or infection that appears suddenly and lasts for no more than a few weeks.

Every year, millions of American children miss school due to acute infections. The Flu and the common cold are two clear cut examples of acute infections. These infections are quite common in children, and usually happen at least once a year. It can be very difficult to stop the spread of acute infections, especially in schools and other crowded areas. Acute infections are typically highly contagious, and all it takes is an uncovered sneeze or cough to spread the infection. By the time a child begins to feel symptoms of the infection, chances are that they have already spread the illness.

We believe in working closely with our patients and giving them the tools to maintain their own health. If a child learns the importance of washing their hands, for instance, they will greatly decrease their chances of getting sick. We can successfully treat the symptoms of acute infections and educate children on ways they can avoid infection.

Our team of skilled and dedicated naturopathic physicians at Flow Natural Health Care combines modern medicine with natural healing arts to produce impressive results. If your child is suffering from an acute infection, we can properly diagnose and treat the ailment.

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