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Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse Diagnosis - Portland Naturopathic DoctorsChinese medicine uses several unique forms of diagnosis, including pulse diagnosis. The radial pulse on the wrist can be viewed as a microsystem of the body, and by palpating different sections of the pulse, a trained practitioner can gain a great deal of information about the physical and energetic health of the body. Pulse diagnosis is a deep listening to the life-force of an individual, and it can be incredibly valuable in diagnosing complex conditions and illuminating pathologies before they become symptomatic.

Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is a specialized form of pulse reading passed down through a long lineage of Chinese medicine practitioners since at least the Ming Dynasty, and brought to this country by Dr. Leon Hammer, MD. This system of pulse diagnosis has especially influenced Dara’s clinical practice. She has had the opportunity to study with some of its most advanced teachers, including Brian LaForgia, Brandt Stickley and Gwen Lovetere.

Pulse diagnosis in this system is a careful and detailed art, so it takes longer than the simplified form of pulse reading used by most Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. The information gained from the pulse can point to places of imbalance you may not be aware of, and also provide valuable insights to health concerns you already have.