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Spring is Here… Along With Your Seasonal Allergies

Flowers are blooming; pollen is in the air… it must be seasonal allergy season! Oops, we meant Spring.

Oregon is one of the worst states to live in if you suffer from seasonal allergies. All of the lovely natural surroundings we appreciate in our great state, unfortunately, has the effect of making many Oregonians uncomfortable during this time of the year.  

Fortunately, there are naturopathic options for your allergies and allergy symptoms! In fact, if you’re not sneezing just yet, you can get a jump on the allergy season right now.

Five Naturopathic Allergy Options

So-called allergies are just your immune system over-reacting to specific environmental factors. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to support your immune system, improve your reaction to allergies and alleviate symptoms. While we would want you to come into our offices here at Flow Natural Health Care to find the right option for your particular allergy(s), here are five options that you can consider doing right away:

1-Take probiotics or eat fermented foods that contain probiotics. Because allergies are basically an overblown reaction of your immune system – and probiotics help to boost immune system function, taking probiotics consistently can contribute to improving and even avoiding allergy symptoms. If you are buying probiotics, make sure they contain lactobacillus.  

Some of our favorite foods that naturally contain probiotics are kefir, miso soup, tempeh, dark chocolate (must contain at least 72% cocoa), pickles, kombucha, kimchi, yogurt, microalgae, and sauerkraut. Choose your favorite based on your own taste buds!

2-Try nettle leaf. While we don’t recommend gathering nettle leaf or preparing it yourself, nettle leaf is a natural antihistamine and can be effective in treating allergy symptoms. You can find nettle leaf as a supplement, in a tincture, or in tea. If you like gleaning your own herbs, just remember that nettle leaf is attached to stinging nettles.

3-Use quercetin or eat foods containing quercetin. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that reduces inflammation and can help keep cells from producing histamine. Quercetin is found naturally in deeply colored plants as part of their pigment. You can increase your quercetin intake naturally by eating foods like leafy greens, berries, and broccoli, or you can take it as a supplement.

4-Try acupuncture. Studies show that using acupuncture is effective both for alleviating allergy symptoms and reducing symptoms during your everyday life. This is because acupuncture improves the body’s natural functions and works to promote self-healing.

5-Shake up your diet. Some foods reduce inflammation and help boost your immune system – and some foods exacerbate allergy symptoms. You may be able to ease allergy symptoms by cutting back on aged cheeses, celery, alcohol, dried fruit, smoked fish, and processed meats.

You can also try eating more foods that contain omega 3’s like fish and nuts, as well as consuming foods that are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances like apples, red grapes, onions, kiwi, and green tea. There is also evidence that eating raw, local honey can help ease allergy symptoms. Plus, don’t forget your probiotics!

Luckily, you can effectively treat allergy symptoms and even avoid allergies all together with naturopathic methods. Whether you have seasonal allergies, suspect food allergies, or suffer from allergic reactions – we can help. Contact Flow Natural Health Care today to find out what you can do to ease your allergies and allergy symptoms naturally.

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