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Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Already Stressing You Out?

“Get healthy/get fit” is the most common new year’s resolution every single year. This resolution is the reason gyms do so well at the beginning of every year and why the produce aisle at the grocery store quickly empties out during the first week of January.

Unfortunately, at least 25% of people won’t keep up the health kick through to the end of January, and most people won’t last longer than three months. That’s why this resolution gets made over and over again every year- often by the same people. After a while, the  challenge becomes, “how do I actually keep this resolution, so I don’t have to make it again in 2019?”

Simple Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick

If you really want to get healthy in 2018, there are simple yet effective tools you can use to get your resolutions to stick. Don’t mistake “simple” for “not requiring any effort,” though! Every one of these methods requires that you put in the time and energy necessary to get them done.

Set small goals

Common goals set around this time of year are things like “I’m going to lose 30 lbs in the next three months” or “I’m never going to eat sugar again!” These are admirable goals but can either be unrealistic or difficult to maintain.

Instead of setting one huge goal, try setting smaller goals that are more easy to attain. You could set goals that will result in weight loss such as taking a weekly aerobics class or only snacking on fresh fruits or veggies instead of junk foods.

Visualize the end result

What does getting healthy or fit look like for you? Perhaps the real result you are looking for is lower blood pressure or feeling comfortable in a swimsuit. Get an idea of what the endgame looks like for you in particular.

Get the support you need

Trying to accomplish health goals alone is difficult. You need supportive people who understand your specific health struggles to have your back. Our staff at Flow Natural Health Care is here to be part of that support network. Utilize our knowledge in holistic health care to help you make informed decisions as you shoot for your goals this new year.

Forgive yourself

A lot of resolutions are very stern and unforgiving: “I will go to the gym every single day” or “I won’t eat candy for the rest of the year.” These types of resolutions leave no room for human error or temptation – and that makes them virtually impossible to keep.

Try a more forgiving resolution like “I will eat fruit and veggies in place of candy at least three times a week” or “I am going to make this gym membership worth my investment by taking a monthly class with a friend/using the swimming pool once a week.”

These are the kind of resolutions that let you pick yourself back up if you fail or have to go out of town or switch careers to professional candy taster. A rigid resolution may sound good- but if you get sick or busy, they are impossible to keep.

Keep a record

One reason people don’t keep resolutions is they don’t see the progress they have made. Our bodies change slowly over time. You won’t see a massive difference from one day to the next. However, if you keep a record by taking a photo of yourself every day or week, getting a scale, logging info into your Fitbit, or maintaining records of visits to the doctor, you will see progress.

We want to help you reach your health goals this year! Make an appointment today for a wellness exam and consultation and let’s get started!

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