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Naturopathic Gynecology

Maintaining health naturally is a priority at Flow Natural Health Care. Healthy women are happy and vibrant women regardless of age.  The female body has the powerful ability to heal. Gynecology is the area of medicine focused on women and their reproductive organs. Naturopathic gynecology focuses on more than just your organs and your hormones. We employ the same screening and diagnostic exams as conventional medicine; however, our philosophy and treatment options differ: the body is assisted in stopping the disease process and encouraged into balance. The focus is on the whole patient, in her entirety and I work to empower women through education and communication.

At Flow Natural Health Care, our diligent and friendly Naturopathic physicians have years of naturopathic gynecology experience. Using a combination of natural and modern medical treatments, we’ll make sure that all is right with your entire sexual system!

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