IV Nutritional Therapy (and B vitamin Shots)

Intravenous nutritional therapy (IV therapy) is the supplementation of nutrients and minerals in the form of a shot, either intramuscularly or IV. The benefit of this modality is the high level of absorption achieved. Nutrients normally consumed orally must be broken down in the stomach, absorbed in the gut, metabolized in the liver, and then delivered throughout the body, which can be an inefficient process due to malabsorption or the addition of non-absorbable binders added to foods and supplements. IV therapy bypasses this process, allowing for approximately 100% of the nutrients to reach the tissues directly, ensuring therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals easily, quickly, and safely without the common side effects of nausea, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort common with oral supplements.

This therapy is good for individuals experiencing:
-    fatigue
-    anemia
-    chronic stress
-    malabsorption
-    GI disorders (IBS, UC, Celiacs)
-    acute illnesses (colds & flu’s)

Athletes, both professional and weekend warriors, can significantly benefit from additional nutritional support to replenish nutrient stores and facilitate a faster and more complete recovery.

We are excited to offer both IV nutritional therapy and B vitamin shots at our clinic. Call us if you are interested and we’ll get you scheduled!

By Marsha Hamilton