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Introducing the ‘Saturday Stuck Society’ to Flow Natural Health Care!

What is it?
An affordable way to experience acupuncture in a communal setting. You will have a brief, private intake with Corinne LeBlanc, then you can choose your seat for that day, get stuck with a few needles, and nod off for as long as you’d like!

When’ s it happening?
Every other Saturday (for now), starting August 29th, from 9:00am to 12pm.

How much?
$25 initially, then $15 for each Stuck Society visit after that.

Who’ s it for?
Anyone in pain, stressed, or just sort of feeling “stuck.” You get the added benefit of healing in a group (your Stuck Society for that Saturday). We just ask that you speak quietly when in your seat (you’ll want to save your voice for telling everyone how good you feel afterward!)

Anything else I should know?
Visits are cash/check only, and the fun is over at noon, so schedule an early appointment if you’d like to sit for a while. You can schedule through the website (www.flownaturalhealthcare.com) – once you’re in schedulicity, choose the Saturday Stuck Society service option.

Come get stuck! And leave feeling un-stuck…