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Homemade Sports Drink

By Dr. Marsha Hamiltoncoconutwater2

With summer upon us, and the myriad of outdoor activities to choose from it’s important to stay hydrated. Store bought electrolyte drinks are full of chemicals, food colorings and artificial sweeteners that cause inflammation and the degradation of our health. It’s incredibly easy to make your own sports drink that doesn’t require powders, processed foods or obscure ingredients. In addition to being easy to make, this can be done on a daily basis to help keep you hydrated on those hot summer days regardless of your physical output.

The recipe is not a precise, delicately measured formula. Adjust the ingredients to find the right balance for your activity and taste buds:

1 quart bottle
½ -1 full lime or lemon
Pinch of Himalayan sea salt or 1-2 tbsp *Sol
Dollop of raw, local honey

Fill the bottle with the above ingredients, add ice, cold water and shake well to thoroughly stir. It may take a few minutes for the honey to fully dissolve in the cooler water.

*Sol: a salt mixture shared from a Nutritional Therapy practitioner: Add pink Himalayan salt crystals (any size) to a mason jar with water. Leave the jar in the sun until the salt is fully dissolved. Store in the fridge. Shake well before using.