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Why We Love to be“Hands-On” With Our Treatments

Craniosacral therapy is a form of hands-on healing that can help a range of conditions. It’s used to ease headaches and migraines, improve sleep, aid in digestion, treat pain, help with stress/anxiety/emotional relief, assist colicky babies and more. Two of the most common questions we are asked about this therapy are: what is it exactly and how does it work? We will provide you with answers in this article.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a light, relaxing technique that works with your body’s natural rhythms to promote relaxation and healing. This treatment is very gentle, seeking to use subtle bodywork to provide relief to patients.

Your therapist will perform small, gentle movements on your scalp and head which are meant to relieve any tension held deep within the body. This holistic method works to bolster the brain and spinal cord by manipulating the membranes and fluids which surround and protect this area.

How and Why Does this Hands-On Treatment Work?

Hands-on therapies or energy medicine can help to change the way that energy moves through your whole body. In the case of craniosacral therapy, the hands-on approach is used to help release restrictions around the brain and spinal cord, restoring the natural rhythm to these places.

Craniosacral therapy can have surprising effects, from putting your body in a more restful state to creating cravings within the body. Each effect should be honored as they likely indicate what you need to do to continue the healing process.

Because we are reducing energy blockages in the body, craniosacral therapy has been most notably effective in helping to ease insomnia or headache/migraine symptoms. However, it can also be helpful in reducing the appearance of digestive issues, orthopedic conditions, and more.

If you are interested in getting hands-on therapy with our practitioners, contact us today to make an appointment! We are here to help you improve your health.

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