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Tis the Season to Sneeze!

Pollen counts are up here in Portland, meaning many people around town are feeling itchy, sneezy, stuffy, sore, and more. Allergy season is no joke this year. That’s why this article provides a few natural ways you can reduce or even – dare we say it – get rid of your symptoms. Why Do I […]

Have You Met Counselor Stephanie Tucker?

Have You Met Counselor Stephanie Tucker?

This April is Alcohol Awareness Month – and in that vein, we wanted to introduce our certified drug and alcohol counselor, Stephanie Tucker. When you look her up on our website, you’ll see that she has many letters following her name (LPC, MBA, CADC I). These mean that she is a Licensed Professional Counselor, holds […]

Flow Natural Health Care Jenna Massage Therapist

Help Us Welcome Our Newest Practitioner, Jenna Bradshaw!

We are very excited to welcome Jenna Bradshaw to the Flow Natural Health Care team. Jenna is a massage therapist, yoga teacher, and health coach with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. She has a degree in Psychology and is licensed by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapy. She also […]

That Feeling in the Back of Your Throat May Be the Holiday Ham

That Feeling in the Back of Your Throat May Be the Holiday Ham

Acid reflux or heartburn affects about 60% of adults in America at some point in their lives, with 20-30% experiencing symptoms every single day. This is extremely uncomfortable and can be a symptom of a more complex problem. What is acid reflux? Reflux is caused by the sphincter at the entrance of your stomach not […]

Simple, Holistic Methods for Preventing Breast Cancer

Simple, Holistic Methods for Preventing Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month! Breast cancer affects men and women across the world. About 38% of men and women will get diagnosed within their lifetime – though women are much more likely to get breast cancer than men.   In honor of this month, we wanted to share holistic and natural methods that […]

Why We Love to be“Hands-On” With Our Treatments

Why We Love to be“Hands-On” With Our Treatments

Craniosacral therapy is a form of hands-on healing that can help a range of conditions. It’s used to ease headaches and migraines, improve sleep, aid in digestion, treat pain, help with stress/anxiety/emotional relief, assist colicky babies and more. Two of the most common questions we are asked about this therapy are: what is it exactly […]

Personal Trainers, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture All In One Place!?

Navigating the Perils of Thanksgiving

Staying healthy in the fall can be a real challenge. The leaves are changing colors, blustery winds are rising, and nothing sounds better than curling up next to the fire with some hot chocolate/fondue. As if that weren’t enough, Fall is also football season which means countless hours spent eating junk food and drinking beer […]

Happy Healthy Halloween

Is A Healthy Halloween Possible?

When we were kids, Halloween used to be the greatest holiday. I mean, the whole point is to dress up like your favorite superhero/monster and see how much free sugar you can collect. That’s every kids dream scenario. But now that we’re adults, we have our health to worry about which means Halloween starts to […]

Health Happy Football Tailgate

How To Have A Healthy Tailgate

Fall is the time for tailgating. Whether you’re a Duck, a Beaver or a Viking, the allure of ingesting greasy food and cheap beer to prepare for the big game is tough to resist. College football and tailgating are a time-honored tradition, but the combination of fatty foods and alcohol is also a recipe for […]