Calcium – Where Should You Get It?

Calcium is an important mineral for bone health and often marketed as a great reason to consume dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt etc.). Unfortunately, research over the years has not come to the same conclusion. The low absorption rate of calcium from milk, approximately 30%, combined with the high saturated fat content, decreases milk’s nutritional value and makes it a poor source of dietary calcium. For comparison sake, the absorption rate of vegetables ranges between 40 -64%. Sea vegetables have higher calcium content then most other vegetables.

In addition to that, dairy products are often the culprit in childhood diarrhea, constipation, eczema and asthma. It causes inflammation in the body and can manifest in subtle ways outside of our expected lactose intolerance picture.

If you are concerned about your calcium intake, stop in for a nutritional review and to find out which foods have the most absorbable calcium. Until then, go organic (to reduce exposure to hormones and chemicals transmitted from the cow to their milk), experiment with dairy alternatives and eat your sea vegetables.

By Marsha Hamilton