Acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Flow Natural Health Care

If you’ve been into the clinic lately, you’ve noticed some exciting changes at Flow Natural Health Care! In January, the clinic moved across the hall and expanded into a larger space with three treatment rooms, a medicinary, and its own waiting area. In addition to naturopathic medicine, Flow now offers acupuncture and Chinese medicine, massage [Read the full article...]

Movember – Celebrating Men’s Health

November is the month of Movember, where men around the world sprout moustaches in support of men’s health. It’s a charity where men, known as ‘Mo Bros’ start the month clean-shaven, then grow their moustaches, or Mo’s, for the next 30 days asking for donations. The funds go to support prostate and testicular cancer and [Read the full article...]

Children’s Eye Health

Have you been wondering when the appropriate time is to take your child in for their first eye exam? I  asked a pediatric optometrist who recommends the first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age. The rational is that if a child is going to develop a concerning condition, it often develops within the [Read the full article...]

June is Men’s Health Month

The month of June is dedicated to increasing awareness of and improving men’s health. There are many conditions that affect men that can be detected and treated before causing problems if they are caught early. This requires annual screenings and not waiting to see your doctor if new or abnormal symptoms develop. Common conditions that [Read the full article...]

Natural Treatments for Seasonal Allergies

Spring is supposed to be a time of rejoicing in the warmer weather and beautiful blossoming flora. For many people, especially in the greater Portland area, springtime is a miserable nightmare on repeat. Itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and often asthma attacks are keynotes for environmental allergies. Given the Pacific Northwest’s climate it not [Read the full article...]