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Easy Peppermint Mocha and Chocolate Peppermint Candy

It’s that time of year again, there’s a chill in the air and the mornings require a little something extra to help warm you up. If you’re looking for a healthier spin on a yummy holiday drink, try this simple peppermint mocha recipe! Peppermint Mocha Ingredients 1 shot of your favorite expresso (or strong coffee) 2/3 cup coconut milk or almond milk, heated 1.5 tbsp cacao powder 1 tbsp raw honey 1/4 tsp peppermint extract… Read more.

Warming Socks

Clear a Cold & Help You Sleep This treatment is not safe for everyone so please check in with your doctor first. Warming socks is a form of hydrotherapy, a technique that uses water as a therapeutic tool to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, stimulate the immune system and encourage the elimination of toxins. It originated in Germany and has been used for over a century around the world with great success and is… Read more.

Dr. Stephanie Auerbach, ND

Flow Welcomes A New Doctor

Flow Natural Health Care introduces our newest naturopathic doctor, Dr. Stephanie Auerbach, ND! Dr. Auerbach was born and raised in Portland and graduated with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine. She treats all acute and chronic health complaints, with special interests in gastrointestinal health and nutrition. For ready-to-apply advice that will help you feel better, set up an appointment today through the clinic website or call (503) 974-9283. Read… Read more.

Woman Sneezing

The Difference Between A Summer Cold and Summer Allergies

Cold symptoms often mimic those experienced by allergy sufferers; sneezing, sinus pressure, runny nose, and chest congestion. Due to the similarities, many people often confuse one for the other, and may end up treating the wrong affliction, and may not see their symptoms improving. To properly diagnose and treat your symptoms, there are a few important differences between a cold and general Summer allergies. What is a summer cold? A cold, is a cold, no… Read more.

Dos and Don’ts of a Healthy Summer

The sun is out, the temperature is rising, and the days are getting longer. Summer is the perfect time to actively pursue a healthy lifestyle, so here are some simple dos and don’ts to get you into the swing of things. If you follow these simple guidelines, this may just be your happiest and healthiest summer yet. Do: Drink lots of water. Whether or not you’re doing lots of physical activity this summer, you should… Read more.